Suntago for schools

Our educational programmes are the perfect combination of learning and fun. Take your students for a trip to Suntago!

Lessons on the palms

We prepare lessons on plants and technology at Suntago for students up to the age of 16.

Special prices for schools

We welcome classes of min. 15 people. A chaperone enters for 1 PLN for every 10 participants.

Group lunches

As part of school trips, we provide delicious lunches in our restaurants.


We offer safe accommodation in bungalows in Suntago Village located next to the park.

Suntago's education programmes

Tropical plants

We'll tell you all you need to know about the various palm trees you'll see at Suntago. We'll also teach you how to take a little bit of it with you by showing you how to plant a date palm in your own home!

Modern technologies

During this lesson, you'll discover the secrets behind our operation. We will explain where the water in our park comes from and how we irrigate and care for the tropical plants.

Water safety

Rule one of being at the water: be safe. That's why we prepared a lesson to teach kids how to take care of themselves while relaxing in the water.

Accommodation in Suntago Village


Suntago Village features 92 modern bungalows and a 24-hour SunHub area located next to the Suntago Waterpark, allowing you to enjoy all the park's attractions longer.

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