12 themed attractions of various kinds are waiting for you in Saunaria. Immerse yourself in the exotic world and relax.

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12 themed attractions of various kinds are waiting for you in Saunaria. Immerse yourself in the exotic world and relax.


in the hottest saunas


different saunas and steam rooms

2 500 m2

of bliss for your body and soul


jacuzzi pools

Saunaria attractions

Saunas and steam rooms

Dry and wet saunas, steam baths, aromatherapy, sauna ceremonies to the sounds of music and a refreshing bath in the vital pool or shower under calla flower petals. We have everything you want!

Sauna Safety Rules in Saunaria Suntago

Before and during sauna use

  1. Mobile phones are not allowed in the Sauna zone. Please, leave your phone in your locker in the changing room

  2. Take two towels with you: one to dry yourself and one for the sauna. You can borrow the towels from the Saunaria reception

  3. Before entering the sauna, take off your swimsuit and wrap yourself in a towel. You can leave your swimsuit on the shelves in changing rooms or in the showers

  4. Wash your whole body in the shower and dry off

  5. Leave your flip-flops outside the sauna

  6. In a dry sauna, you sit or lie with your whole body on a towel. No part of your body should directly touch the wood: not even your feet, hands or head

  7. Enter the steam bath naked. Before and after using the steam bath, rinse your seat with water from the hose

After sauna use

  1. After leaving the sauna, rinse your body under the shower using lukewarm water

  2. Afterwards, cool your body down with a cold shower, using the Calla shower or the snow room

  3. Rest for at least as long as you spent in the sauna

  4. Replenish your fluids. You can buy drinks at the Saunarium reception

  5. Repeat sauna cycle 2-3 times

  6. After your last sauna cycle, rest for a little while longer and wash your body in the shower

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