Children playing in the pool during physical activities

Fun time for your kids

Leave your kid with our experienced carers and enjoy a moment for yourself!

How does it work?

Sign up your kid
for fun time at Jay’s Kids Club

You can sign up kids aged 4-12. The cost is 40 PLN for one class lasting 1.5 hours. Check the details

Leave your kid
with experienced carers

We’ll organize art workshops and physical activities, adapted to the age of children.

Pick up your kid
after classes

10 minutes before the end of the last class, we will notify you through a signal sent to the armband.

Attractions for kids

We always adapt the program to a given group.
Below, you can see some examples of the activities.

Jungle Adventure

A real journey lies ahead of us! We’ll go through the land of trees, forests, rivers, and animals. Our imagination will turn into a real jungle full of adventures!

  • Art workshop – creating an airplane, exotic masks and your own forest in a jar.
  • Physical activities – mini disco.
  • Painting with the sand – everyone will create their own world of sand.

Searching for water

We will have to find water in a real, hot desert! It's time to brace yourselves and develop some survival skills.

  • Art workshop – creating compositions with watercolours and maps of adventures.
  • Physical activities – mini disco.
  • Survival – compass use, group work and survival run.

Safety of your kid

  • Experience – kids are under the constant care of our well-experienced staff.
  • Your armband – when leaving your kid under our care, you will receive an armband. Its vibration means that the activities are ending.

Registration details


Registration takes place in a dedicated area, at Va Bene Restaurant in Jamango, before each class.

13:00 – 14:30
15:00 – 16:30
17:00 – 18:30
19:00 – 20:30
How much?

The fee for each class (40 PLN) is charged in advance via the armband for Suntago guests.

Give your kid a great time

The next time you visit the park, sign them up for activities at Jay's Kids Club!

Do you need more info?

of Jay’s Kid Club

To sign up your kid for our activities, you must accept the regulations.

Book the area for a whole day

Let us know at: [email protected]

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