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Food & Drinks

General Information

  • You can pay for food and beverages ordered at stands and in restaurants using your wristband which will be settled upon leaving the Park.

  • No. All our restaurants have designated seating places, which are also the border of the gastronomic zone. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to take any products and dishes to the park. It also applies to our pool bars.

  • It is forbidden to bring and consume your own alcoholic beverages. Alcohol bought in our restaurants and pool bars should be consumed only in designated places.

  • In all restaurants, guests are required to wear flip flops and a bathrobe or T-shirt. Entry will not be possible if the guest only wears a towel or swimsuit. The above restrictions do not apply to snack bars.


  • Yes, each restaurant's menu includes dishes free of meat or animal products.

  • For those who want to make a table reservation it is possible only in the A'la Carte restaurant.

  • Currently, due to the great interest in the Park, especially on weekends, the waiting time may be extended to 45 minutes. On other days you will receive your meal within 15 minutes. Together with the teams of our restaurants we are constantly working on improving and reducing this time.

Bars & alcohol

  • Yes, but only in places that sell alcohol.


Suntago Village

  • Please click on the link below for the exact Google maps coordinates of Suntago Village:,20.4644519,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!3m7!1s0x4719436d301c76fd:0x56c42dfdf34c8209!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d51.982852!4d20.4666406

  • It is not possible to add extra beds to the bungalow. The bungalow has a large king-size bed or two single beds and a sofa that converts into a sofa bed for 2 adults/kids. One Bungalow provides accommodation for up to four adults. Additionally, a baby cot can be added, as per customer’s request based on availability.

  • No, the maximum occupancy is 4 adults, for a larger group we offer a Bungalow Duo that can accommodate up to 8 adults. Bungalow Duos are equipped with interconnecting doors, making this the perfect accommodation space for larger families and groups.

  • Yes. The bungalows also feature a climate control panel that allows the guest to set their preferred temperature.

Accommodation - other possible questions

  • Yes, our SunHub is your one stop shop for all your essential needs. The Hub has endless options to ensure our guests feel at home while vacationing with us. Our store offers fresh handmade grab & go items and a wide range of products to eat and drink; including beer on tap. We also have everyday fresh and packaged groceries to take back to your Bungalow. Whether it be to cook in your kitchen or have your BBQ from your own grill, our Hub offers a variety of choices.

  • Yes, your bungalow will be cleaned free of charge every third day of your stay. To service more frequently, an additional fee of 80 PLN will apply. If you require extra cleaning services please do not hesitate to ask our reception team.

  • Yes. For your security, each bungalow is equipped with an in- room safe for your valuable/personal belongings.

  • Check-in is: 15:00 Check-out is: 11:00 Late Check out: 12:00 (is upon request and availability and fee of 100PLN will be charged at reception)

Tourist Voucher (Bon Turystyczny)

  • There is no answer to this question. Contact with support

  • There is no answer to this question. Contact with support

  • There is no answer to this question. Contact with support

  • At the moment the Tourist Voucher (Bon turystyczny) can only be used at Suntago Village. It can be used to either cover the cost of accommodation, or as a package, for both the accommodation and tickets to the park. To do so, please make a reservation and pay for it through the ticket wizard available on our website ( In the "special requests" section, please add the information about making the payment using a tourist voucher, and enter the voucher code. Then, upon check-in, we will have the travel voucher debited and refund the costs incurred during the online reservation (by the voucher equivalent). The refund will be made within 14 days by bank transfer.


Things To Do

  • Park of Poland offers a wide range of attractions for everyone. Some of them may not be for you if due to health reasons you cannot, for instance, use certain types of saunas or extreme slides. Before using an attraction, familiarize yourself with its rules.

  • Pregnant women should not use the attractions that allow them to stay at high altitude and achieve high speeds. This mainly applies to the slides in the Jamango area. Using the Saunaria zone and selected pools should be in accordance with the current state of health and the guidelines of the attending physician.

  • Our rental shop offers towels and bathrobes. Flip-flops and other accessories can be purchased on the Park's premises.

  • The comfort and safety of Suntago guests is our highest priority. However, one should remember about strict observance of the procedures and responsible use of all the Park's attractions. If you do not follow the instructions, sometimes we are forced to exclude the attraction from use for security reasons.

Health and safety

  • Before using a slide or sauna, leave your glasses in a safe spot, e.g. on a deck chair or in a designated storage area.

  • You will find 4 medical stations at the Park – they are marked on the map. In case of emergency it is best to approach the nearest Park staff member

  • Yes, a team of qualified lifeguards is responsible for the safety of our guests.

  • There are 4 medical points in the Park - they are marked on the map. In case of emergency, it is best to report to the nearest person from the park's staff.

Show - Live music

  • W piątek 25.09.2020 od godziny 16:00 do 22:00 wystąpią DJ GregorP & saksofonista Kacper Duraj. Atrakcje w cenie biletu wstępu do parku.

Sauna Safety Rules

  • After leaving the sauna, rinse your body under the shower using lukewarm water. Afterwards, cool your body down with a cold shower, using the Calla shower or the snow room. Rest for at least as long as you spent in the sauna. Replenish your fluids. You can buy drinks at the Saunaria reception. Repeat sauna cycle 2-3 times. After your last sauna cycle, rest for a little while longer and wash your body in the shower.

  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the Sauna zone. Please, leave your phone in your locker in the changing room. Take two towels with you: one to dry yourself and one for the sauna. You can borrow the towels from the Saunaria reception. Before entering the sauna, take off your swimsuit and wrap yourself in a towel. You can leave your swimsuit on the shelves in changing rooms or in the showers. Wash your whole body in the shower and dry off. Leave your flip-flops outside the sauna. In a dry sauna, you sit or lie with your whole body on a towel. No part of your body should directly touch the wood: not even your feet, hands or head Enter the steam bath naked. Before and after using the steam bath, rinse your seat with water from the hose.


Tickets and pricing

  • Yes, but only if you pay by card.

  • School groups receive one free admission ticket for the guardian for every ten children.

  • You are entitled to the same discount as the person in your charge.

  • You can buy a ticket online (one day in advance) or upon arrival at the Park of Poland ticket office.

Payment band

  • The band is a universal key that allows access to the zones, lockers in the cloakroom and to make all payments within the Park.

  • We do not recommend removing the band, because access to the cabinet, attractions and all payments is possible only with its use.

  • If the wristband is lost, you must report it to the Park ticket office as soon as possible to block its further use and charging your account.

  • No. The band should be left at the ticket office at the exit of the Park, thus settling all payments made using it.

In Suntago Water Park

  • No, during your stay at the Park you will make payments using a special wristband received at the entrance. Card payments are possible in the Wellness&SPA zone. There is also an ATM on the Park premises.

  • At the cash register of the Park you can make a payment in cash or by card.

  • Yes, at the request of our guests we can prepare an invoice.


  • You can use a voucher to pay for tickets to the park. The unused value of the voucher can be spent on attractions additionally payable in the park, i.e. restaurants, Wellness & SPA, Surf-Air.

General Information

Suntago Water Park

  • Monday - Thursday 10 AM to 9 PM; Friday - Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM, Sunday 10 AM to 9 PM. Opening hours of the park and attractions may vary during holiday periods. Check detailed opening hours in the Info & help tab.

  • All items found by our staff are registered and delivered to the ticket office. Please be advised that for hygiene reasons wet towels, bath robes and bathing suits will be stored for a maximum period of 30 days, after which they will be handed over for disposal.

  • Only in places designated for it.

How to get to the Park?

  • You can reach us from Warsaw and Łódź by car, taking the S8 route and the A2 motorway.

  • We invite you to use the Suntago Bus for your visit, the bus is operated from: Warsaw (bus stop at al. Jerozolimskie 56) and Żyrardów (bus stop next to the railway station at al. Partyzantów 3/1). Before your visit, please check the current timetable in Info & Help tab.

  • Yes, you can purchase it together with a Suntago ticket or only the bus ticket. Go to Web Site ticket creator wizard using Buy tickets button in menu or copy this address into you browser: If you already purchased a ticket to the park, skip the first step or copy this address into your browser:, then click ADD below SUNTAGO BUS and select your Bus ticket.

  • The cost of a one-way ticket on the Żyrardów - Suntago or Suntago - Żyrardów route is PLN 9. The cost of a ticket entitling you to travel on the Żyrardów - Suntago - Żyrardów route is PLN 18.

  • The cost of a one-way ticket on the Warsaw - Suntago or Suntago - Warsaw route is PLN 25. The cost of a ticket entitling you to travel on the Warsaw - Suntago - Warsaw route is PLN 38.

  • The current Suntago bus timetable is available in Info & Help tab. To go directly to bus timetable, copy this address into your browser:

  • From the Warszawa Centralna or Warszawa Śródmieście railway station go to the Żyrardów station. From the Żyrardów station change to the "Suntago" bus, which goes directly to the park.

  • Traveling from another country, select one of the following international airports, and then get to the Park by choosing a bus, car or train: Warsaw - Chopin Airport (30 km) Modlin airport (70 km) Łódź (100 km) Radom (100 km)


  • For all Suntago guests with an Unlimited or Unlimited+ card, parking is free. Apply your Unlimited card to the scanner when entering and exiting the car park.

  • For all Suntago Village guests with a Suntago Village card, staying in the Suntago water park parking lot is free. When entering and exiting the parking lot, please apply your Suntago Village card to the scanner.

  • The external parking lot is managed by Global Parks Poland Sp. z o. o., with headquarters in Warsaw.

  • The parking lot is unguarded. The entrance barriers are used only to mark the parking lot area. Therefore, each user should exercise special caution and comply with the regulations as well as any signs or markings on the parking lot.

  • Parking regulations are available at and at the park's ticket office. Remember that using the car park is equal to accepting the regulations. Familiarize yourself with the regulations:

  • Yes, entry to the parking lot and use of a parking space at the parking lot is chargeable. The parking space rental fee is charged for each entry based on the parking time according to the price list posted in the parking lot regulations. The cost is 25 PLN per started calendar day.

  • From the moment the user's vehicle enters the parking lot until the vehicle exits the parking lot. What does this mean? In the event of leaving the parking lot, re-entry to the parking lot, even on the same day, requires a new fee payment according to the price list.

  • The fee of PLN 25 for parking entitles you to use it for the whole day. The parking lot must be vacated no later than an hour after the Suntago Water Park is closed. Remember! In the event of leaving the parking lot, re-entry to the parking lot, even on the same day, requires a new fee payment according to the price list.

  • The parking lot is open on the days when the Suntago water park is open. Information about the days and hours of operation of the Suntago water park can be found on the

  • The fee for a lost or damaged parking ticket is 50 PLN. The fee must be paid at the Water Park cashier.

  • In the case of a lost parking ticket, a lump sum fee of 50 PLN must be paid. The fee should be paid at the park's ticket offices.

  • Yes, you can park a camper. The cost is 25 PLN per started calendar day.

  • Before leaving the parking lot, every Suntago guest is required to make a payment at the water park cashier (by card, cash and BLIK).

  • No. It is not allowed to park vehicles outside the designated parking spaces.

  • No. Only individuals with a valid disability parking permit displayed in a visible location on the front windshield of their vehicle can use the parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

  • In case of such a situation, please call to our team by using the button, which is located above the speaker in the upper right corner. Our team will help you solve the problem.

  • Yes, a user can park their vehicle at the parking lot for more than one day. The rental fee will be charged for each started day according to the price list. If you want to park your vehicle for several days, you should pay the fee for each day of parking.

  • Yes, a user can park a motorcycle or bicycle at the parking lot. The fee for parking a motorcycle is the same as for a car, which is 25 PLN per started day. A bicycle can be parked free of charge in designated spots in front of the park entrance.

  • In the event of a violation of the parking regulations, Global Parks Poland may take appropriate action, such as issuing a warning or imposing a fine. In case of serious violations, Global Parks Poland may terminate the Parking Agreement and require the user to leave the parking lot immediately. The Car Park Manager is also entitled to claim compensation for any damage caused by the user's actions.

  • If you are involved in a car accident in the parking lot, you should take the same steps as in the case of an accident on the road. This includes exchanging contact and insurance information with the other driver, taking photos of the damage and the location of the incident, and reporting the accident to your insurance company.

  • It depends on the situation. If there are injuries or significant property damage, the police should be called. However, in most cases, you can simply exchange information with the other driver and report the accident to your insurance company.

Kids & Families

Kids & families

  • Visitors can bring in special food for children up to 3 years old as well as for people with allergies.

  • Of course! You are invited to come to the Jamango zone which offers family locker rooms with baby changing tables.

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

Disabled Guests


  • You are entitled to the same discount as the person in your charge.

  • Our attractions are prepared with various types of disabilities in mind (movement disability, hearing or visual impairment etc.).

  • Of course, visitors with disabilities can use 31 handicap parking spaces directly next to the Park's entrance.

* Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.