Suntago Water World to open this year! See what we’ve built so far

8 Jan 2019

Start of works on the hotel and the Suntago Village cabins, opening of an access road, completion of a deep water well, start of slides assembly and considerable progress in construction works – this is what 2018 looked like at the Park of Poland construction site. Next year’s activities will be even more intense in order to make sure that Suntago Water World will greet its first guests.

Having a large entertainment park close by, a dream of many Poles, is becoming more and more real. 2018 was marked by dynamic progress at the Suntago Water World construction site, while the upcoming months will bring us closer and closer to the grand opening.

The construction of the largest indoor water park in Europe, which will be located in Wręcza near Mszczonów, commenced in May 2017.

For the first dozen or so months, works might not look spectacular to the casual observer, as they focused mainly on underground work. The effects of construction works became more visible in the second half of 2018.

Watch a video showing what has changed at the Suntago Water World construction site in the past year

Works completed so far include foundations, ditches and indoor swimming pool basins. A thermal well almost 2 km deep was also constructed, which will provide water and heat for the swimming pools and buildings.

Construction works in the Jamango Water Jungle section are in progress. This is where a majority of our 32 water slides will be located. The first ones have already been preliminarily assembled outside the building.

We have poured 37 000 cubic metres of concrete so far, which is more than the amount of concrete used to build the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The weight of steel used – 5000 tonnes – equals half the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Palms and other exotic plants from Malesia, Florida and Costa Rica, which will be placed in the Suntago Water World’s tropical garden, were delivered to large greenhouses in Rotterdam, Netherlands last year.

Works on further sections of the Park of Poland complex were started in 2018. Aside from the Suntago Water World park, extensive accommodation infrastructure will be built. The opening of Suntago Water World will coincide with the opening of Suntago Village – a village of around 100 Cabaña-type module cabins. This project will also include a playground for children, area for barbecuing as well as a central building with a reception and a mini-shop. Another 100 cabins will be built as part of the project’s second stage. The construction site covers approx. 8.5 ha.

The first stage of the construction of a hotel duo consisting of two independent buildings joined by a shared atrium is expected to be completed in the second half of 2021. The two buildings will be situated near a lake available to the hotel guests.

A four-star hotel with 3600 m2 of conference space will be built in the first stage. The bottom floor will feature an 1150 m2 ballroom capable of hosting large displays. The second stage involves the construction of a five-star hotel with a unique food concept at the top floor. The hotels together will offer space for more than 700 guests visiting Suntago Water World as well as participants of conferences, workshops, artistic events, fairs and concerts.

Suntago Water World is the first facility within the Park of Poland project, located between Warsaw and Łódź. It can be reached via the A2 highway and S8 expressway. A road connecting Mszczonów with Radziejowice, financed by the two municipalities, was opened at the beginning of December, 2018. This means even easier road access for the water park’s future guests.