Suntago Water World is growing. Pool basins and thermal water well are ready

22 Oct 2018

Day by day the Suntago Water World is taking shape. The work goes as scheduled and several construction stages have been completed already. All of that can be seen on a new video from the construction site.

Basins for all indoor swimming pools have been installed while outdoor pools’ basins are underway.

To date, 27 500 m3 of concrete and 4 226 480 kg of reinforcing steel has been used at the construction sit, the equivalent of 150 000 bathtubs in volume and 80 blue whales in weight.

The work on the first building, which will host the Jamango Water Jungle, is also advancing.

With over 3km of water slides, including the largest indoor slide in Europe (320 metres) as well as a pool with waves and a crazy river this will be a place for entire family to have fun.

Most of the swimming pools at Suntago Water World will be filled with thermal water,  that will also be used to heat the building. A 1720 metres deep thermal water well has already been dug. Its depth is equal to seven Palaces of Culture and Science or 18 Big Bens stacked on top of one another.

Being the largest water park in Central and Eastern Europe, Suntago Water World will be capable of hosting up to 15 000 people per day. A 90 000 m2 parking lot for 2 500 cars is being constructed in front of the building. 20% of the work has been completed so far.

Watch the latest video from the Suntago Water World construction site

Park of Poland, where Suntago Water World will be located, will also offer an extensive accommodation base. Design work is under-way on a four-star hotel with 240 rooms and conference space. The hotel is expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In October, Park of Poland’s investor – Global City Holdings – signed an agreement on advisory services and year-round management for Suntago Village, which will feature 100 Cabaña-type module cabins. Suntago Village is planned to open in the third quarter of 2019.

A road connecting Suntago Water World to the ┼╗yrardów beltway is expected to be put into service this October. This investment is being delivered by the City of Mszczonów and the Municipality of Radziejowice, and it will serve both the water park’s guests and the local community.

Suntago Water World is expected to open in 2019.

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